We create fully interactive 3D Property Tours


How Can Estate Agents Support Social Distancing?

There is no doubt that the way you conduct viewings has changed forever. Accompanied viewings come with huge risks to both the client and potential buyers. With the number of people a negotiator can meet in one day, the risks of potentially spreading Covid-19 is high.

Protect yourselves and your clients with Virtual Reality tours. Facilitate home showings virtually and protect

Your listings can become 24/7 Open Houses that anyone can view from home with a link. Clients also get peace of mind by reducing the number of people to their house.

We create 3D immersive virtual walk through tours using Matterport technology

Even without the threat of Corona virus, acompanied viewings can be very time consuimg. Cut down on time wasters by offering virtual viewings. Add to that, in a post Covid-19 world it’s likely that viewing times will be limited that’s if the home owner is even happy to have people in their house!

It’s been said that agents and clients will only be allowed in with masks/gloves as well as a limit on the number of visitors.

Make your customers property stand out from the crowd by bringing it to life with a 3D tour. Node Studios creates fully interactive,  completely immersive 3D tours of your clients property.

Our 3D Scans are used as part of our lead generation packages (x2 property scans) but you can purchase individually at a cost of £95 per property for a 3 bedroom semi-detached house.

Your first property scan is free of charge!

What are the benefits of a 3D Tour?

In the current climate the benefits are clear
  • Save staff time - show clients suitable properties in a short amount of time, only needing to visit those in which the client is truly interested
  • No need for continual cleaning and tidying
  • Save time for the seller – they will only have to be available and have their property "ready” for an interested party

Virtual Reality - No longer just for gamers

Show your customers you are ahread of the game when it comes to property marketing

Virtual viewings are a good idea for so many reasons

  • Tour properties with clients from the comfort of your office

You can also show viewings from your office with VR (Virtual reality) headsets. These work with just a mobile phone and VR headset users can fully immerse themselves into your space and navigate hands free around your property as if they were actually there.

Buyers love them because they get a much more realistic feel for the property. They can also re-view the property whenever they like and show to their friends and family anytime

If you would like to experience a true 3D tour but do not have a headset please Contact us and we would be happy to send you a complimentary simple headset.