What do your customers see when they pull up your website on a smartphone?

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Mobile web browsing is EXPLODING! The statistics provide concrete proof of this fact… Mobile device users generally search for local businesses on their mobile phones and devices when they are ready to do business. Translation – they are hot customers and clients with ready-to-spend cash in hand!

Unfortunately, regular websites generally do not deliver the high quality user experience sought by owners of handheld devices. To accomplish this, you must either modify your existing website or implement a specialized mobile portal.

Here are some of the benefits you gain from a mobile website…

  • Attract new customers or clients who frequently browse the Internet using smartphones and similar mobile devices.
  • Extend your existing products, services and information to new, responsive markets and market sectors.
  • Provides you with the basic platform necessary to implement targeted mobile marketing campaigns.

Your mobile website visitors gain the following benefits…

  • They get quick access to directions to your business.
  • They can call you with one click on their mobile phone.
  • They can easily add your business phone number to their mobile address book.
  • They can easily bookmark your mobile website address for fast future reference.

Very few of your competitors are using mobile web technology. Get in now and start leading the pack. If your company does not have a mobile presence, you risk losing ground to your competition that do. You also risk failing to connect with these users, and you miss out on opportunities to extend and strengthen your brand.

Mobile is where your visitors are – There are 4 billion mobile phones in active use worldwide: 4 times more than PCs. In 2009, mobile web usage increased 148% globally (Source: Quantcast) and the numbers continue to rise. In fact, by the end of 2013, customers using the mobile web are projected to grow to 1 billion.

Optimised for the mobile internet – A mobile site extends the reach of your business to the mobile Web, allowing you to provide your mobile visitors a fast and easy way to learn about your business and contact you with one click. While your existing web site is aimed at giving a full and comprehensive picture of your business, a goMobi mobile site allows you to deliver immediate access to what matters most when on the go. The two sites are complimentary and work together to make sure your customers are getting the most appropriate experience for their context and their device.


Increase user satisfaction – Studies show that visitors who access a full web site on their mobile phones complain about how much time and data is required to load the site and how hard it is to find the information they need. Most of these customers abandon such sites quickly out of frustration and are unlikely to return and, worse yet, look for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly site.


Key Facts

  • There are four mobile phones to every PC in the world, and they are increasingly being used to look for businesses on the Web
  • It’s estimated that 60% of consumers worldwide have access to the internet via their mobile phone
  • Studies show that a mobile-friendly site creates an overall traffic increase of 13%
  • Of the mobile users that have a bad experience when they visit a website (e.g. difficult navigation because the site isn’t optimized for mobile browsers) 61% will not go back to the site.

Here’ what you get with our Professional Mobile Website Service

before-after-rookieWe offer website owners a fast, easy to use and compelling mobile website to grow traffic, convert leads and grow revenue. It’s simple icon-driven interface delivers a great experience on any mobile phone and utilizes the unique capabilities of a mobile phone to help convert traffic into customers. Compatible with any domain name, our service is the quickest and easiest way to take advantage of the growing number of mobile internet users.

  • We will create a professionally designed mobile website that mobile phone surfers can easily navigate.
  • Professional hosting of your mobile website
  • Provide redirect code to install on your main site which automatically redirects mobile visitors
  • Provide you with simple instructions for optimizing the marketing potential of your mobile website.

Key features

Our Mobile Sites come with all these great features to maximise mobile visitor satisfaction and conversions. Our latest of which is a site translation feature at the tap of a button. Here are some others below.

Apps Vs Mobile Websites

There is a lot of excitement about Apps for business but not only are they a LOT more expensive, they are harder to maintain, they are platform specific meaning that you have to develop one for the iPhone and the Android marketplace. Our mobile websites are fast loading and work on any smartphone.

P.S. We can also perform a simple analysis to determine if mobile device users are currently accessing your non-mobile website. Call us on 0800 098 8067, to learn more.