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Social Media Marketing

Social networks are no longer just platforms for us to communicate with old school mates, family, and friends. These are marketing tools now that when properly optimised, can bring traffic, leads, and sales to your practice. This is where our social media optimisation services come in.

What is Social Media Optimisation?

Social media optimisation is the process of generating publicity through various social media networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. SMO increases awareness about a business, brand, product, or service; it facilitates reach, engagement and amplification because your friends, fans, followers, and connections have friends in their network and their friends also have their network of friends.

Why Do You Need Social Media Optimisation?

Social media is a great way to build brand awareness and encourage customer engagement and loyalty. Studies show that 65% of respondents use social media to learn more about products, services, businesses, and brands. Some 53% compliment brands and 70% read other people’s experiences. The use of social media in searching for businesses is also on the rise, growing three times over the past few years.

Your prospects and present clients are looking for you in social networks. By not optimising your online social presence, you are giving the cold shoulder to prospects who are willing to be customers, and customers who would be loyal fans. Warm up with your prospects and convert them as well as nurture your current clients.

Client acquisition in social media is 62% for LinkedIn, 52% for Facebook, and 44% for Twitter! Launch your Social Media Optimization service now!

What We Do? – Social Media Optimisation

We focus our efforts on the four biggest online social properties today: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We however, also provide social media optimisation for YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, and many more. We can set up and optimize your accounts in all of these networks.

  • Facebook – Facebook has more than 1 billion monthly active users and is growing day by day. Your prospects are on Facebook and they need to see an optimised profile and fan pages that reflect your brand. They need to see your business information. They want to see there’s a human behind the business and so they want status posts, messages, and comments. We’ll make sure your account is active and well-maintained.
  • Google+ – The newest player in the game is now the No. 2 social network. It now has 269 million active monthly users. What makes G+ special are the SEO benefits it brings. We’ll set up your profile and optimise it with the right business information, keywords, and images. We can post updates and share posts to boost your online social presence.
  • Twitter – Twitter has 200 million monthly active users who generate over 340 million tweets a day. We’ll set up your account, post regular tweets, and gain followers for you.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the perfect platform for B2B businesses. It has 87 million users in 200 countries to date. We’ll build your profile and join discussions and groups on your behalf.
Node Studios provides social media branding and marketing services for small and medium-sized companies. We offer a wide range of services that will help your business gain additional brand value and customers.

We stand apart from other companies in terms of quality, support, cost and delivery on time. Our strategic approach towards social branding and marketing will help you in communicating your message to your target audience.


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